What are your financial priorities?

financial priorities


Figure out your financial priorities

I recently ran across this quote from Gloria Steinem and felt it was spot on.  We do spend on what we value and therefore our spending is in many respects a reflection of our values.  However, for today’s purposes, I want to modify the quote slightly to make an important point.  My quote is “We can tell our financial priorities by looking at our checkbook stubs”.

No matter how much money you do or don’t have, no one has unlimited resources.  We all have to prioritize.  Unfortunately, far too many of us pay too little attention to where our money goes.  In addition, we tend to be Continue reading…

    Banks, Lending and Bob Hope?

    Banks will lend you money only if you don't need it

    With a brief interruption before the crash of 2008, Bob Hope’s quote about banks is timeless, but true.  Banks aren’t in the game of losing money, so you’re typically going to have to prove you are very likely to pay them back before they’ll give you money.  Since many of our long-term goals and dreams involve debt (homes, car, boats, etc.), it pays to have your financial house in order.

    Here are a few things we’d suggest you think about Continue reading…

      Warren Buffett – Investing Rocket Scientist

      Investing Rocket Scientist

      As Warren Buffett says, investing isn’t a discipline where the guy with the most raw intelligence will necessarily do better.  Take the mutual fund industry as an example.  A recent Vanguard study showed that over 80% of actively managed mutual funds underperformed their benchmark over a 15 year period.

      The good news is with a plan, a solid asset allocation and a set of index funds, you are perfectly capable of not only outperforming the vast majority of investment pros, but achieving your long-term financial goals, which is what you are investing for in the first place.