How to Save 25% of Your Income

We found seven of the most unique and crazy ways people have been able to save 25% of their income for early retirement. Think you could live in a tiny house or make your car a rental? Check them out!  Who said saving for retirement couldn’t be fun?

Seven Ways to Save 25% of Your Income

    How to knock out credit card debt with friends

    Ever wondered how to make cutting credit card debt more enjoyable?  You can tackle credit card debt and your built up wine collection with our infographic on how to create your own “Cocktails and Credit Cards” gathering.  It’s time to #MakeFinances Fun.

    How to knock out credit card debt with friends

      Financial Confidence Is on the Rise, But Financial Stress Still Looms

      experian study - financial confidence on the rise

      Financial Confidence on the Rise

      A newly released personal finance study by Experian shows that people are feeling more optimistic about their financial futures, but their confidence is limited by concerns about funding their retirements and how much debt they are carrying.  Continue reading…