Financial Excuses, Sex vs Salary and more

Financial Excuses

Here are 10 things we read this week we think you’ll enjoy.  I particularly liked the financial excuses one.

1.  Destroying Smart Beta: Part 1 –

Read about the latest hot term in the investing world and what it really means (or doesn’t).

2.  The Efficient Market Hypothesis, Fact or Fiction? Part II – Seeking Alpha

Good article on all the studies regularly done that show active managers don’t outperform.

3.  Workers aren’t as ready for retirement as they think – WSJ

Nice infographic on how people aren’t saving and investing at the rates they should

4. Three ways to help millennials save for retirement – MarketWatch

Points to some good resources for helping millennials relate better to why they need to save / invest for their future.

5. The USA – Once an Emerging Market – Above the Market

A relatively short article, but it makes a good point that the definition of who is an emerging market and who is a world leader will change over time.  Japan is a great example of a country that once seemed destined to become the world economic leader, but has since fallen back.

6. Why aren’t there more value funds? – A wealth of common sense

The author makes the point that it’s about the ability to market the product that Wall Street is selling.  An interesting point of view.

7. Sex vs Salary: Which would you rather talk about? – I will teach you to be rich

This one may not appear to teach you much at face value, but it makes an important point.  The biggest impediment to our ultimate financial success is often our own emotional make-up.  The notion that money is a taboo topic is just one element of our behavior issues around money, but I think it’s part of the root of the problem.

8. What is considered mass affluent based off income, net worth and investable assets - Financial Samarai

Not sure what source data the author uses, but I found it fun to see where I stand.

9. Want to save money for college? Think about a 529 plan – Mom and Dad Money

We agree.  That’s why we wrote our own series on college savings in case you want to read more.

10. 7 excuses people use to avoid financial responsibility – and why they’re useless - The Simple Dollar

Any of these financial excuses sound like you?  There’s no time like the present to make a change.

11. Bonus link: Testing the global minimum variance portfolio – The Capital Spectator

For the more academically minded in our audience, James Picerno’s site is a good place to learn about what’s going on from an investment theory perspective.